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I was supposed to meet my boyfriend for a movie after work. I had been texting him all night because I had had a really shitty shift and I really wanted to do something fun to forget about it all. He hadn’t responded to my last few texts but we had agreed to meet up […]

Barangay Love Stories and Papa Dudut Papa Dudut is one of the best DJ’s in the Philippines. He became famous because of the very popular and entertaining Barangay Love Stories, a popular hit radio program every Sunday in Barangay LS 97.1 radio station. The program made him popular because of the way he narrates every […]

The Appeal of Love Stories

The Appeal of Love Stories Article by Ann Landers The Appeal of Love Stories – Relationships – Dating Search by Author, Title or Content Article ContentAuthor NameArticle Title Home Submit Articles Author Guidelines Publisher Guidelines Content Feeds RSS Feeds FAQ Contact Us Relationship and love are two of the things that most teens associate with […]

Inspired Love Stories for this Thanksgiving Thanksgiving – One day when we get together with our family to thank the Lord Almighty for his blessings. Sometimes work and other commitments could take us away to far off places and getting together with the family could be virtually impossible. This Thanksgiving, are you feeling alone and […]

Love stories of fall movies 2010 Summer months have passed and now it’s time for fall. Fall, the season of love, will bring cinema-goers impressive and meaningful love stories. Let’s have a look at the following images and trailers to find out the most promising movies of fall 2010.   “Never Let Me Go” In […]

Sad love stories relation

Sad love stories relation Article by Amber L When you read books, you’re always looking forward to finding something that you can relate with. It’s like even with the sounds of the title you’re already feeling that great passion and interest to read it and finish all the pages as soon as you can. And […]

Fiction Books: Stories With Suspense and Thrill You can find a variety of amazing fiction books in the markets these days. From kids to youngsters to adults, these books are liked by everyone. The popular science fiction books include “Invisible Man,” “Time Machine” etc. These stories are unpredictable. They have suspense, thrill and fantasy. […]

Love Stories and Romantic Novels

Love Stories and Romantic Novels Anything is possible in love. Imagine this situation. A doctor falls in love with a nurse who works closely with him in the local hospital. Both start dating, but somewhere the doctor realizes he doesn’t love the nurse anymore. The heartbroken nurse is looking for someone to mend her broken […]

The Real Reason Short, Online Love Stories Are So Popular Diversion, is the single most important reason people read love stories or any stories for that matter. The keywords: short story and love stories reaches the one million mark almost every month. The popularity of these two words lets us know, that not only are […]

Greatest Love Stories of Footballers The attraction between business beauties and soccer player is possibly unbreakable for centuries. They are both attractive, talent, famous and of high position in the entertainment world, educational profiles and spiritual values. Let’s see greatest love stories of soccer players.   Luis Figo and Helen Svedin The Swedish model and […]