Be Realistic and Romantic

Young people tend to think that real life is as dramatic, romantic and fascinating as it is in novels, movies, and dramas. The typical instances in their minds are like “Romeo and Juliet” and “LiangShanbo and ZhuYingtai”. But more experienced adults disregard this opinion. Adults believe this kind of naive daydream will be destroyed by later experiences and every one should learn to get used to tedious life. In fact, Realism is necessary, but idealism is also indispensable.

It goes without saying that the great influence of realism and idealism in literature is significant. There have been many great realistic works. These books not only shocked the world of their times, but also have been staying in people’s hearts for centuries. Among them, for example, are “David Copperfield” and “How the Steel Is Made”. But many romantic stories gain high popularity as well, such as short lyrics “My Heart Leaps Up” and “Lines Written in Early Spring” by romantic poet Wordsworth. We can see his deep love for nature runs through them. As a great romantic poet of nature, Wordsworth found the words for the most elementary sensations of man. These sensations are universal and old but, once expressed in his poetry, become charmingly beautiful and new. The literature will lose its glamour without either kind of works.

The same is true in our life. In order to support ourselves, we should learn working hard to have a decent career and to earn a living. It’s realistic. But everyone can imagine what life would look like if we could not enjoy our favorite music, if all the gardens were filled with fruit trees instead of red roses and golden tulips, if going fishing was not for relaxing but for earning money. That is a gray and dull picture of life. No one likes the world like that. So it is clear that romance is as important as reality.

All of us enjoy the blue of cloudless sky; enjoy the harmony of a violin, enjoy love feeling and enjoy the fruit of work. But I understand thoroughly things like marriage — the most potentially romantic matter — will boil down to changing diapers and working overtime. True romance is found only in the


Everyone says, “There is always a gap between imagination and reality, the former is always more ideal than the latter. “Although most people know that we cannot equate imagination with reality, people still find it hard to resist the temptation of imagination, for it is so sweet and wonderful, especially for me when I was working hard for my university dream in high school.

Endless homework, heavy pressure couldn’t prevent me from drawing a fascinating picture of the university life in my mind. Students are sitting leisurely on the green lawn, playing romantic songs with the guitar, or walking along the tree-lined pathways, talking and laughing heartily. . . I imagined a large and beautiful campus, bright, clean classrooms, and cheap, tasty food. Reality is, on most occasions, inferior to imagination.

When I was a university student, I found what I had imagined was far beyond reality. Instead of sitting on the lawn singing songs, the students were seen reciting English texts aloud; instead of walking cheerfully along the small paths, they were walking hurriedly with books under their arms. I never expected to live on the sixth floor, the highest story. Every day I had to drag myself to my room after class, out of breath. And the meals disappointed me, too.

When imagination and reality were naked before each other, I couldn’t deny a kind of complex feelings in my heart. How could I put the English books aside to read pastime books? How could I play while others were studying hard? So the lake saw me reading early in the morning; the library found me leaving late in the evening.

In the face of reality, imagination is beautiful, while reality can teach us much experience, which we cannot obtain from imagination.

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